Experience, communication skills, charisma and creativity are some of the features that define Mário Daniel and that will make your event unforgettable.
All shows can be personalized by adapting the numbers to your company's name, product or service.

Choose a show that suits you!

Virtual Magic

In this new format, Mário Daniel makes his magic cross the screen and happen, live, in everyone’s office or home!

Despite the distance, the viewers will have the opportunity to interact with the action in real time, making choices and decisions that will influence the performance, as well as experiencing magic in their own hands… even through their screens!

The show is 100% interactive.



Close Up

This format has a strong visual impact and establishes a great interaction with the public, similar to what we can see in the TV show “Minutos Mágicos” (Magic Minutes).

At the reception, during the meal or at the coffee break, the proximity and intensity with which Mário Daniel acts will blow away everyone! Starting from everyday mundane objects - such as letters, coins, rubber bands, banknotes or mobile phones – he moves among the guests and surprises the audience, trick after trick, in a format that is easily adaptable to any context or space.



Stand-Up magic

A show specially created for business events. "Stand-Up Magic" involves effects of great spectacularity and visual impact and great interaction with the public. Magic and humor are the key ingredients. The magical experiences presented convey messages of problem solving, overcoming and team spirit. This show aims not only to be an excellent moment of entertainment, but also to inspire and motivate - perfect for a business event.



Team Building

Team-Building actions are created with the aim of fostering team spirit and the ability to respond to problems that may seem impossible to solve. And what may seem more impossible than a magic trick?

In this show, the spotlight is on the participants, who Mário will challenge: they’ll have to reproduce one of his tricks, without knowing how it is built or executed. In a creative, informal and fun way, Mário Daniel encourages work groups to use their imagination and improve team spirit.